Private or online BSL Tuition


Open any time day/evening/ weekend

Fees are £22.50 per hour.

british-sign-language-training-boltonPrivate Tuition starting from level 1-6 NVQ and your portfolio in your own flexible time whatever you choose the date

The benefits of having one to one private tuition.

I Can visit your home or center.

You may be enrolled on a sign language course, but you may feel that you do not retain enough of what you have been taught. If this is the case, you would benefit from additional tuition.

You may wish that you were able to have a little more support and learn just that little more. Your best option may be a private teacher in a one to one setting, where tuition can be tailored to your specific needs and in an environment where you can feel free to ask as many questions as you wish.

Can help your understanding signing skills to improve your level 1 and 2 exam prepare or wish to do private one to one full course

Private tuition means that you will be able to identify your specific weaknesses and work on those areas. Sign Right, cater for all levels of BSL no matter what your BSL skills are at the moment, private tuition will help you to improve those skills and increase your knowledge enabling you to upgrade to the next level more quickly than participation in a course alone.

Level 4 (new) or need help with your clip, you may need to collect your evidence film clips.

Private tuition can be used for opportunities for portfolio evidence building.

Another example could be if you are desperate to learn sign language, but you have missed the course start date.

You may not want to wait months for another course to start. Private tuition is the perfect solution for this situation.

Private tuition may also be useful if your course tutor feels that you are not progressing at the same level as the other students in your class, or you do not feel confident signing, and you need opportunities to brush up on your skills.

If you are deaf or hard of hearing yourself, you may feel that your BSL is not as fluent as you would like it to be, then private tuition is also for you.

There are many more reasons for wanting private tuition than mentioned above. Whatever your reason for needing private BSL tuition, contact us now and we can start working together to improve your skills.

This can arrange in your home other places to meet.

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