Deaf Awareness Training


Is Your Business Deaf Aware or Basic BSL Foundation course?

Communication is the cornerstone of every business. It is how you get your message across and it is how you carry out your business transactions.

british-sign-language-training-blackburnDeveloping communication tactics, getting ideas across and building connections with others is something we do every day.

Communicating with deaf customers simply builds on skills you and your team already possess. All you have to do is invest in developing the appropriate tactics towards more custom.

Communication barriers could be preventing one in six of your customers from using your service. Being accessible is legal requirement – but it’s also great for business!

  • More than four in ten hearing aid workers said they would ‘go out of their way’ to use a shop or service if they knew there would be a hearing loop
  • More than seven in ten said that having deaf aware staff would encourage them to use one shop or service over another.

We provide deaf awareness training courses that not only help your colleagues understand your experience, but also help them communicate more effectively with any clients or customers with hearing loss.

The trainer skilfully introduced us to the deaf world, showing us the difficulties and also the amazing skill of deaf people as they communicate through lipreading, signing and concentrated hearing.

Unlike a lot of other deaf awareness courses available, we don’t work on the assumption that all deaf people use British Sign Language (BSL). As an organisation that is deaf-owned and deaf-led we know that, in reality, 99% of people with hearing loss do not use BSL as their first language. That’s why our trainers are native English speakers, and also why we emphasise that organisations need to think beyond BSL when asked to provide communications support.

We can tailor all of our training courses specifically for your organisation, and can include you in them to help educate your colleagues on your personal experience of working in your organisation.

Deaf awareness training courses can be organised on either a half or full day basis.

The principal aim of this course is to enhance the awareness and knowledge of issues around deafness and hearing loss.


  • To increase the understanding of communication needs for people with different levels of hearing loss
  • To look at the ways in which people respond to losing their hearing (this is where you could really help), and how we respond to people with hearing loss
  • Your colleagues will be able to try out hearing aids, practise lipreading exercises and learn the two-handed BSL alphabet (also known as fingerspelling).

Taster Courses

Our short 5 week “taster” courses provide a great short introduction to British Sign Language and an interesting insight into Deaf Culture.

Further Information

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